2015 Projects
Sweet Honey Africa
Yassi Tamdji, Takiyah Hartwell, Raoul Tamdji
The New School for Public Engagement, Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy (Graduate)

Sweet Honey Africa aims to source honey and other natural products from the heart of Africa and the revenue generated will support girls’ education in Chad.

Nothing is sweeter than honey. And for girls in sub-Saharan Africa, nothing is sweeter than access to education. Research has consistently found that education for girls is the single most effective way to end poverty. That is why Sweet Honey Africa is sourcing honey and other natural products from the heart of Africa. The revenue generated from the sale of honey,which is found in abundance in Chad, will go to support the education costs of girls in the African communities from which the honey is sourced from. Medical research has also revealed the tremendous nutritional value of honey. Now with your support of this product, honey will also have transformative power to change the trajectory and empower the lives of girls who need it the most through educational opportunity. Now how sweet does that sound? Support Sweet Honey Africa, today!


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