2015 Projects
The Seventh Wave
Brett Rawson, Zachary Reeves, Zeina Abi Assy, Joyce Chen
The New School for Public Engagement, NSPE Creative Writing, Non-Fiction (Graduate)

The Seventh Wave is an online and print publication that responds to timely topics by reflecting on their timeless nature, one issue at a time.

The Seventh Wave is an interdisciplinary platform that takes a single social issue and examines it across a table of context: Science, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, etc. Each edition begins with three foundational essays: an editor’s essay defining the relevance of the issue; a commissioned essay written by a contemporary writer addressing the urgency of the issue; and a republished historical essay anchoring the issue in the past as well as the present. These three pieces of content will generate momentum for readers and thinkers to join the conversation.

We are creating a space in the sea of information for people to congregate and engage in open-ended, open-minded conversations about issues ranging from human trafficking to the boundaries of communication. We encourage contradictions and welcome the textures that will arise when people practice the art of public conversation.


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