2015 Projects
Angela Bronza
Parsons The New School for Design, MS Strategic Design and Management

Threadcycle collects clothing, fabric, and fibers discarded by high-volume waste producers for recycling in order to greatly reduce landfill use and promote New York City’s economy; waste sources include NYC’s garment and textile manufacturers, retailers, and secondhand businesses.

New York City residents and businesses throw away 200,000 tons of textiles a year, leaving 5% of our landfill space taken by textile waste.

Threadcycle targets high waste-producing locations, greatly increasing the percentage of our textile waste being recycled. Collection in these areas will save energy, landfill space, and create new raw materials. The program will:
1) Install collection bins in garment factories to catch fabric remnants usually thrown in the garbage. Currently there is little recycling of any kind in NYC’s factories.
2) Place recycling bins at businesses that collect donated garments so any unfit textiles for donation can be simultaneously disposed of responsibly. This will also allow the donation facilities to recycle anything they are not able to resell, alleviating another waste contributor.
3) By connecting retail stores to recycling facilities, we can reduce the amount of unsold clothing and textiles that are simply shredded and thrown away.

  • Alexis Assoignon

    This is a brilliant idea and so so important! It’s the future!

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