2012 Projects
A Misoccupation
Infinite Culceasure, Eulalia Brooks, Michael Freidman

A Misoccupation is a documentary about the dynamics that took place between the administration of a private university, groups of individual students, faculty, staff and non- tudents in response to the establishment of an occupation of the Study Center at 90 Fifth Avenue On Thursday, November 17th 2011, (the two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street’s camp in Zuccotti Park), which lasted until Friday, November 25th 2011. The narratives put forth in this documentary by some of the participants of the occupation should set the record straight about the reasons for the occupation’s failure.

  • Infinite Culcleasure

    What do we really mean by failure?  Who will be “setting the record straight”? The answers to both questions are still being formulated… Please join us in this opportunity for an honest dialogue about movement building in the age of OWS.

  • Infinite Culcleasure
  • Infinite Culcleasure

    Here’s a pretty good article.


    • Friem066

       It certainly presents one argument for a justifiable narrative of what occurred. I agree with much of it. However,  while the article  has many valid points regarding the hypocrisy of many students who were critical of the occupation,  it seems to have missed presenting any honest critique of the “anarchist vanguard’s” own behaviors, and how that may have affected the outcome of the occupation.  This article did not present any falsehoods, but clearly glossing over some of the actions of the most militant group that controlled the space, they left out a big part of the story.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GZAX6DUZWTMWOSS73BQPX2SN7Y Eulalia B


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