2016 Projects
Robyn Cathleen Mitchell, Jenzen Edmondson & Maxine Apolito
Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design (AAS); Parsons School of Design, Fashion Marketing (AAS); Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

Abel seeks to provide community economic development by creating meaningful work and custom clothing for people suffering from barriers to employment.

Abel is a social enterprise fighting poverty with fashion for community development. Poverty is a spiritual, emotional and physical reality that is perpetuated at least in part by economic and financial institutions. Abel seeks to provide healing and creativity through teaching sewing and photography skills to people suffering from barriers to employment. By utilizing digital textile printing and working to include producers in the design process, Abel creates garments according to the “slow approach”. This is a movement which demands that fashion take time to ensure quality production, to give value to the product, to foster real relationships among consumers and producers, and conserve resources in connection with the environment. Under the auspices of the New School Challenge I wish to develop an NYC operation for Abel, that fights poverty with fashion to serve community development; the innovative way is to apply the methods of “slow fashion” in order to: – Create jobs – specifically, create clothing jobs where none would exist – Provide meaningful employment to people facing barriers to employment – Create meaningful relationships between consumers and producers of clothing that persist over time – Raise consciousness of the adverse social and environmental impact and harm of the current clothing production model of “fast fashion”.


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