2014 Projects
*blink blink*
Joselyn McDonald - Parsons, Design & Technology (Graduate) Nicole Messier - Parsons, Design & Technology (Graduate)

*blink blink* is a social venture designed to create and distribute educational soft-circuits (LEDs, batteries, sewable electronics!) toolkits to young women in middle and high school (ages 12 – 16) in order to break through the barriers to science, technology, art, and engineering (STEM).

Only 24 percent of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce is comprised of women. There are many barriers to these fields, among them are access to materials, experience with electronics, positive reinforcement and community support, time to  explore electronics in a safe space, and lack of role modeling.

*blink blink* is an educational toolkit and curriculum that provides young women (ages 12 – 16) with the opportunity to explore, create, and play with STEM concepts via soft circuits – LEDs, batteries, conductive thread – in order to overcome the barriers to STEM studies and careers. Soft-circuits allow the student to engage in participatory learning of STEM curriculum while simultaneously creating and crafting exciting items that are wearable, light-up, make sound, and much more. The exercises would be guided by encouraging female STEM role-models and all the necessary components would be included in the kit.

Please visit www.blinkblink.cc for more information.


  • Veronica

    Good Luck ladies!

  • Ry

    This project could actually become self-sustaining and just needs start-up funding. I see this blossoming into something on a much larger scale and helping a lot of people, not just being a one-off project with limited impact. Excellent work and worth a vote!

    • Joselyn_McDonald

      Thank you, Ry. We feel the same way.

  • Kristen

    I have the pleasure to be able to work with these ladies. When they put their mind to something they succeed at whatever it is and then some. Good Luck!

  • shahrouzvarshabi

    I really like this project, good luck girls


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