2015 Projects
Circle Up
Emilia Giordano, Megan Hayden
The New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies: Participatory Learning and Digital Media (Graduate); Founder of PROCESS THIS.

Circle Up consists of a web-based platform and mobile app that enables at-risk young adults with undiagnosed and diagnosed learning disabilities to develop their learning styles, learn to lead from their strengths and implement strategies to ensure completion of higher education and successful transition into employment.

Circle Up is designed to serve university students with learning disabilities (LD) by guiding them through the process of academic planning, performance, and completion of degree requirements.

The web-based platform prompts users to answer a series of questions from a database comprised of warning signs, symptoms, behavioral habits and strengths associated with common learning disabilities such as dyslexia, language processing, ADD/HD, and executive functioning. The assistive technology combines textual and non-textual prompts, animated graphics and audio recordings to reach users of all learning styles.

Circle Up generates an individualized learning profile, a “strengths inventory,” and a list of recommended coping strategies. Users can track their personal progress on a hybrid mobile app by developing personal goals and self-regulating systems through the app’s unique organizational features.

*To accommodate the judges’ diverse learning styles, use Kurzweil 3000 text-to-speech software provided by the New School’s Student Disability Services.*


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