2015 Projects
Constellation Project
Tamara Streefland, Jesseka Mae Emerick
Parsons The New School for Design, MS Design and Urban Ecologies

The Constellation Project is a network of vacant lots repurposed to serve as gathering spaces and vegetated flows of water infrastructure.

Through our research and observations of Roosevelt Avenue and its surrounding neighborhoods in Queens, we have identified a lack of gathering space and pervious space, specifically in North Corona. The project we propose is for the development and implementation of a network of Green Infrastructure for water retention and remediation on privately owned vacant lots and public sidewalks in North Corona, Queens. Our Pilot Project will function to reduce Combined Sewage Overflows in Flushing and Bowery Bays, and provide much needed gathering spaces, as well as to provide a tangible demonstration and scalable model. The development of our project is in collaboration with local residents and property owners, as well as the Louis Armstrong Community Center, Queens College, Queens Museum, The Department of Environmental Protection, and The Department Of Transportation. These collaborations allow us to implement a socially vibrant project with ecologically tenable outcomes.



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