2015 Projects
Disability and Beauty
Lucy Jones
Parsons The New School for Design, BFA Fashion Design

I seek to implement a more inclusive design approach within fashion, where design for disability at present is considered a separate market.

For some time I have been questioning “why is the disabled market a separate market and can a more inclusive design infrastructure not be resolved, where accessibility is readily implemented into the design process from the outset?”
I am interested in user-centered garments and the topic of disability and beauty. How do necessary garments work on the disabled body? (What is required medically versus what functions aesthetically?) How do we integrate and consider the external parts of one’s body ie. prosthetics and wheelchairs etc?
I aim to develop a design approach that will bring to light the work that needs to be completed by designers in order to create products of desirability that are not medically distinctive and apply to users whom are differently able. By doing this I also aim to create a space for a much needed conversation where disability at present is considered a separate market.

  • Amy Cheung

    What a great project!!! What and how can I help?

    I have a fashion brand- and I am not interested in doing something just fashionable and trendy, please get in touch if you are interested in let me know how to support your project?



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