2014 Projects
Sarah Mahran - NSPE/Milano - Nonprofit Management (Graduate)

Farm HAND seeks to change the way local food reaches consumers by creating the city’s first farmer-owned and operated food store & juice bar. Unlike a farmer’s market where individual stalls compete with one another, Farm HAND will look like a grocery store but everything sold – from produce to eggs, bread, meats and grains – will be locally and morally produced.

Farm HAND fills a strong need. Farmers receive only 15.5 cents out of every dollar spent on food, down from 31 cents in 1980. Farmer’s markets and CSAs help close this gap by allowing farmers to directly sell their goods to consumers, but the staff time required to work at them presents a large opportunity cost to the farmer. For the consumer they lack the accessibility and convenience of a regular food store. Farm HAND is a new way to support local farmers and, if successful, can be a replicable model for food change.

  • J Baker

    Really great idea! Good luck!

  • Sandra Sanchez

    There’s definitely a gap in consumer access to local food / local food distribution. It will be cool to see how this turns out!


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