2014 Projects
Tamara Laine - NSPE/Milano, International Affairs (Graduate) Adrianne Spool - New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (Graduate)

Higher Endeavor (.com)  is a tool to enable students pursuing higher education to fundraise for research projects and other scholastic activity in partnership with their university.

“I wanted to interview survivors of Hurricane Sandy for a media project, but I couldn’t afford to rent a car to go to New Jersey.” – New School Student

“My students would undertake more ambitious projects if they could afford equipment rental.” – New School professor

By utilizing a crowdfunding platform as a fusion of fundraising and technology, HigherEndeavor enables students currently pursuing higher education to raise money to complete research and other scholastic projects, with the participation and endorsement of their teachers and university. Students often hit a funding road block when undertaking ambitious projects. Higher Endeavor allows students to raise small amounts of money for tools and research for projects that their teachers have approved and endorsed. Funders, whether they be corporate, academic, or private, can be confident that the student work will be completed with the assurance of faculty involvement.


  • Next Level

    +1 Liked your presentation on Tuesday!

  • Novel Idea

    Practical and right on time, HigherEndeavor is student advocacy at it’s very best!


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