2015 Projects
Lena Simet, Schools of Public Engagement, Public and Urban Policy, PhD
Thomas Disley, Schools of Public Engagement, International Affairs, MA

Real-time monitoring and evaluation of road construction projects to maximize service delivery.

Huge sums are invested annually into infrastructure projects designed to lift entire populations out of poverty; however as much as 10-15% of these investments in Uganda are lost to corruption, while completed projects are often of poor quality.

M-App is a mobile app for real-time monitoring and evaluation of remote infrastructure projects that increases construction quality while reducing corruption. This solution, designed in partnership with the World Bank and Government of Uganda, gives central management instant oversight over remote projects by visualizing data collected from on-site staff on an open-source mapping website.

Project managers can quickly identify and respond to issues, boosting efficiency through workforce accountability. The solution also mitigates the risk of corruption by increasing transparency in supplier performance by monitoring project expenditures and supply delivery. This both detects and deters future occurrence. All data is geo-tagged and accompanied by photo evidence, preventing the collection of fraudulent data.


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