2014 Projects
Ni La Historia Ni La Paz Se Debe Olvidar
Jacqueline Rojas - NSPE/Milano, International Affairs (Graduate) Jillian White - New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (Graduate)

Neither History Nor Peace Should Be Forgotten’s mission is to design an oral history toolkit and to pilot a story collection curriculum for towns in Caldas, Colombia where community engagement and intergenerational communication has been stunted due to long-term economic depression, armed conflict, and internal displacement.

There is not a single town in Colombia that has escaped the impact of the ongoing armed conflict. In an effort to address the public’s ‘right to truth’, the Colombian government has established a national center for historical memory and funded a number of projects aimed at collecting oral testimony and other materials that document civil and human rights violations.  The coffee region of Colombia, the most iconic area of the country, has largely been ignored by these national efforts. We will pilot a community-based story collection curriculum that can serve as a peace-building resource for towns in Caldas, Colombia.

More information/ Obtenga más información: http://nosedebeolvidar.tumblr.com/

  • Jillian

    Direct link to our blog: http://nosedebeolvidar.tumblr.com

  • Dad0531

    Great work! I wish you much success in your efforts for such an important cause.

  • Jackie and Jillian

    Resumen en Español del Proyecto:

    No hay una ciudad en Colombia que ha escapado al impacto del conflicto armado.
    En un esfuerzo por atender el derecho del pueblo a la verdad, el gobierno colombiano ha establecido el Centro de Memoria Histórica y financiado una serie de proyectos destinados a la colección de testimonios orales y otros materiales que documentan violaciones de los derechos civiles y humanos.

    El eje cafetero de Colombia, la zona más emblemática del país, que en su mayoría
    ha sido ignorada por estos esfuerzos nacionales. La misión de nuestro proyecto es el
    diseño de un conjunto de herramientas destinadas a crear una historia oral y el ensayo de un currículo de colecciones de testimonios basada en la comunidad que puede servir como un recurso para la construcción de la paz en Caldas, Colombia,donde la participación comunitaria y la comunicación intergeneracional han sido atrofiados debido a la depresión económica a largo plazo, el conflicto armado y el desplazamiento interno.

  • Andy

    Wow! There are 3 projects planned for Colombia and I like that your blog explains why you’re doing work there out of all of the places in need of support in the world. Can you explain more about how you will engage these communities and why THEY will want yo work with YOU.

  • jackie

    Hi Andy, I know I’m excited for the projects in Colombia, since there are so many things going on right now with the peace talks.

    Our project idea began last summer when Jillian and I traveled to Colombia as part of the International Field Program. The communities that we want to work with are the same ones that we have already worked on this past summer. We both worked with mayors of different municipalities on community building and economic development projects, however while working with the community we found out that there is no community identity and no one really wants to work with each other because as we mention on our website there are people still separated by the violence. In one of the communities, the IFP students and the mayor determined that post-conflict healing or reconciliation needed to happen in order to move on and create projects that can economically benefit the communities. The communities are aware of this situation, but they don’t know how to move on and that is why we are creating this project to help them conduct their own oral history that will hopefully shed light to the core issues of the resentments that they carry from the conflict. With the collaborations of the New School IFP that have continuously traveled to Colombia since 2012 and partnerships with one of the Universities of the Caldas region (Universidad Autonoma de Manizales) that month by month are sending their students to work on these communities we believe that our project will be sustainable and have continuous effort. We have also established community relationships and we are in the process of informing them step by step of our project.

    Hope this answer your question.

    Thanks again.

  • Jillian

    Nuestro sitio ahora está disponible en español – http://www.loquenosedebeolvidar.tumblr.com

  • Diego


  • Jackie

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