2015 Projects
Regina Flores, Katherine Boehm, Charles Saidel
Parsons The New School for Design, Design and Technology (Graduate)

The PUR BIO REM project uses cutting-edge advances in bioremediation as a tool to address plastic waste management at The New School and aids the university in implementing environmentally sustainable design solutions.

In January, The New School announced “a bold Climate Action Plan.” PUR BIO REM is a direct response to this call to action. Our project seeks to aid The New School in their quest to make our “buildings reflect sustainable practices”.

PUR BIO REM (polyurethane bioremediation) is a project that will help The New School reimagine recycling by using emerging technologies in bioremediation – a process that uses biology to break down pollutants as a means for waste reduction.

Pestalotiopsis microspora is a fungi that was shown to be capable of polyurethane degradation. More recently a team from Utrecht University produced a project that to generated edible byproducts based on plastic eating fungi Schizophyllum Commune and Pleurotus Ostreatus.

The PUR BIO REM team has developed a decomposition recycling system inside of a standard trashcan that utilizes these plastic eating fungi to consume polyurethane (PUR) that is disposed of inside the trashcan.


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