2016 Projects
Olivia Burca, Monica Magliari & Alfred Shaker
Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design (BFA); Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design (BFA); Partner

A watch designed for patients with first stage dementia that provides a brain exercise, their GPS location, and data to the person caring for them.

This is a watch that can monitor the progression of dementia. For patients with first stage dementia, this watch acts as a brain game and a device that not only provides the GPS location of the wearer, it also collects their data of usage. By creating a clear and simplified design, the button’s actions are associated through color. The yellow button is used to know what time of the day it is, blue is to tell what time it is during the night, red contacts the care taker immediately and the green sends the wearer’s location. If non of the buttons are pressed, that data is collected, if all of them are pressed randomly, that information is also collected. It keeps track of the amount of buttons they press, their location and time. This allows the caretaker to view their progress, as well as giving them some freedom.


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