2016 Projects
Eugene Chang & Andrea Saieh
Parsons School of Design, Product Design (BFA); Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design (BFA)

Materialism and trend-driven consumerism have taken over our social values. Only by changing our consumption habits will we have a chance at saving our ecosystem. With our footwear concept, women will be able to get multiple shoe styles that fulfill their desire to be unique and to have variety, while lowering the waste that usually comes with owning and then disposing multiple pairs of shoes. This concept is the stepping-stone for women to become a more conscious consumer.

By designing and creating a footwear concept composed of multiple shoe parts that can be interchangeable with one another, we’ll be able to offer women a large variety of shoe styles while lowering the large amount of waste that is connected to women’s footwear consumption. Women will no longer have to dispose of their shoes when they get tired of the design, and start craving a new and exciting look, instead they’ll be able to redesign their shoes by just switching parts around. With more footwear parts will come more combinations of styles and a lesser need for disposal. The parts will be 3D modeled digitally and 3D printed, giving women the opportunity to further customize their shoes, and each shoe part will be made with the same material, making it easier for women to safely dispose them by either recycling or recreating them into a whole new piece.


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