2012 Projects
Barter Services Network
Alison Hayes

Barter Services Network is a social innovation which allows people in need to safely improve their self-reliance through a reciprocal support network.  It is also a qualitatively referenced support network, where each participant is rated according to reliability and skill set(provider) or appreciation(recipient) of services.  Combing the best of angie’s list, ebay, and timebanks.org, with a tiered system of membership, these services are limited only by the needs of the participants – as well as being tiered according to the level of risk taken by participants.  This program will hold meetings in spaces owned by existing direct support nonprofits, and will partner with them to provide services to their clients.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ali-Chandler/1832118537 Ali Chandler

    A much needed service, Allison!

  • Alison

    It is – putting the website together will be tough, but that’s what I’m hoping to spend the money on – I have nonprofits willing to work with me!  :-)


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