2016 Projects
Beyond Ruin and Recovery: Collective Healing in Post-War Sri Lanka
Kumar Kartik Amarnath
Parsons School of Design, Design and Urban Ecologies (MS)

Grappling with the realities of collective trauma, this project aims to establish participatory decision-making and advocacy mechanisms for schools in post-conflict Sri Lanka’s underdeveloped and war-ravaged northern region.

While the Sri Lankan Civil War reached its bloody conclusion in 2009, realities of violence live on in the psyche of communities who endured three decades of repeated societal displacements and destruction. Sri Lanka’s northern communities continue to navigate experiences of collective trauma and marginalization. Additionally, an entire generation has been left disempowered by a lifetime of authoritarianism. The proper transition to a post-war democratic society rests on the ability of communities to meaningfully address the complexities of collective trauma and disempowerment in the war-affected north.

This project will establish participatory decision-making and advocacy processes for schools in post-conflict Sri Lanka’s underdeveloped and war ravaged northern region. The project will involve workshops and participatory research to collaboratively design a pilot mechanism for community-based decision-making and governance in under resourced schools affected by decades of war. Locally, work will be conducted under direct supervision of the Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka.


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