2016 Projects
Greg Kim & Christine Mei
Parsons School of Design, Product Design (BFA); Parsons School of Design, Product Design (BFA)

BIIIIKE is an expandable bike for children that can offer various ergonomic positions for a variety of heights as children grow up.

We believe that children should have the opportunity to ride one bike ergonomically overtime – no matter what age or height they’re at. Different-sized, children bikes exist mainly for children’s safety. If the bike is too big or too small, then, it can be dangerous to ride on. That, however, can add up to a lot of waste in the landfill. In the bike market, an average of four different wheel sizes are recommended for children, growing up from 6 to 11 years old; as children grow up, they need a new yet larger bike. Conversely, our research shows that the connection between the wheel size and children’s age and height is false, because adults are experiencing no ergonomic problems, while riding folding bikes with small 16-inch wheels. This inspired our idea to have one bike that can expand overtime as children grow taller. With BIIIIKE, a change in the bike design can lead to a change in the way that bikes become personalized for each child.



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