2012 Projects
Blank Plate
Mai Kobori, Amy Findeiss, and Eulani Labay
Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons

Blank Plate is an experimental workshop that aims to inspire Hunts Point teens, encouraging them to make new connections with their community and transforming their relationship to food through creative culinary experiences. Collaborating between key players in various fields, the workshop is part of a flow through Hunts Point’s food ecosystem with the potential to create a ripple effect of transformation in the neighborhood. The project coordinates with several other food and education initiatives in the South Bronx with the goal of cultivating a food-centric community in an area currently challenged with issues of food justice.

  • Blandhoke

    Great description. I was wondering what other food and education initiative in the South Bronx Bland Plate was coordinating with. The cultivation of the entire ecosystem is a critical feature to seed ripple effects.


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