2012 Projects
Britney and Barbie
Marquette Korff

Britney Spears: the singer/dancer/celebrity who was supposed to stay 16 forever. Barbie: the bitch who has everything. Britney and Barbie puke and smile a lot in a work-in-progress piece by actor/director/writer Marquette Korff. Able to choose from multiple audio tracks featuring interviews with celebrities, Spears’ career of music, Korff’s written work and a live feed, the audience is invited to come up and get a little nasty. A visual and tonal attack on body image and the mainstream media in America, Korff plays Britney Spears while a projector plays Barbie.  If Britney Spears in a leather teddy can’t seduce you maybe Barbie’s baby plastic perfection can. Maybe she’ll even shave her head!


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