2012 Projects
Ruth Sabai, Jorge Luis Gallegos, and Anna Akyoo

‘Bustani’ is a Swahili word for garden, this project proposal presents a pilot project for establishing self-sustaining garden communities in Dar es salaam. As part of efforts to relieve traffic and housing pressure on the administrative capital of Dar es salaam, in 2002 the Government of Tanzania initiated the development of Satellite Cities by implementing the ‘20,000 Plots’ project aimed at restructuring urban landscape in Dar es salaam. Bustani Project aims at supporting the development of these Satellite Cities by connecting nature with neighborhood houses and encouraging community responsibility of public spaces. The research question is – ‘what types of public-private partnerships can contribute to urban planning efforts in Dar es salaam? The project’s goal is to preserve coastal ecosystems in Tanzania, by promoting healthy food systems. The main objectives are:  (i) to promote responsible community-based environmental preservation strategies; (ii) to encourage
intergenerational knowledge sharing; and (iii) to encourage public-private partnerships in environmental projects.  The project focuses on building a central water system, which is surrounded by an edible urban forest garden (with a greenhouse on site). The garden will include local flora (and species), and the gardening water system will be managed through drip-irrigation, while solar energy will be used in lighting and powering the garden’s system.  A participatory approach to planning has already been initiated through the presentation of the project to and the distribution of a needs assessment survey to the local community.


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