2016 Projects
Chroma Touch
Bingyu Sheng
Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design (AAS)

I want to help visually-impaired (including blindness and colorblindness) individuals “learn” and “identify” colors when they choose what to wear, with textile manipulation and innovative construction techniques.

I seek to design fashion in a way that is more dynamic, allowing it to be understood physically and intellectually, through touch and education.

Half of my family suffers from varying degrees of color-blindness. To them, fashion is a superfluous concept beyond their daily needs. The ideas of prints, color palettes and trending colors, are both foreign and intimidating to them. Some of my best friends have extremely high myopia (-9.00 or more). They rely on their sense of touch to tell front from back and outside from inside on a piece of clothing. I can only imagine the situation being more difficult for individuals suffering from higher degrees of visual impairment.

Fashion, with its myriad colors and prints inducing different moods, is a largely visual discipline. Through textile manipulation and innovative construction methods, I hope to enable more people to enjoy and appreciate fashion as beyond a daily necessity.


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