2016 Projects
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Taina Alves Guarda
The New School for Public Engagement, Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management (MS)

I plan to use photography to classify, categorize and visually explore the plastic marine waste that washes up on the beaches of Tofo, Mozambique while researching the social, political and economic dynamics of this ocean trash in order to provide a research model for trash reduction projects.

I want to use a multidisciplinary approach to tackle the problem of plastic ocean waste washing up on the shores of a popular beach town in Mozambique called Tofo. I will use photography to create images that can double as a classification system and as a tool for exploring the visual implications of trash. At the same time I will research the functions of reoccurring trash products I find using the classification method. Not only will this provide information on the life cycle of products but help target awareness campaigns and foment action that targets specific consumption patterns and thus reduces trash creation.


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