2016 Projects
Crosswires | Trajetorias Cruzadas
Kelly Baker, Christina Puzzolo, Livia Sá & Ella Colley
Schools of Public Engagement, International Affairs (MA); Schools of Public Engagement, International Affairs (MA); Schools of Public Engagement, Media Studies (MA), Schools of Public Engagement, International Affairs (MA)

Crosswires is digital media program that responds to the invasive trend of favela tourism by empowering youth in these communities to share their favela’s rich cultural roots, histories, and identities.

Crosswires is a media program for youth in pacified favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Young residents explore the history and culture of their communities through storytelling and multimedia. The outcome is a multimedia website that not only serves as archival documentation for the community but also as educational material for tourists about the harmful impacts of favela tourism. This program also creates alternative ways to connect with community-based initiatives. We will start in one community, Vidigal, where we will pilot a curriculum and resources to be used in future projects. Following this program, a select group of committed participants will be employed to work with us to develop high quality content that will form the basis of an interactive website about the community. The long term goal is that these same young people will then be employed to run similar programs in other communities. Our resources and materials will support them to do this.


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