2016 Projects
Kellie Ann Lee, Mostafa Salari Rad & Morteza Ansarinia
The New School for Social Research, Psychology (MA); The New School for Social Research; Partner

We have created a novel online platform that allows for the designing of behavioral interaction models (i.e. games) with real-time between-participant capability that can be used as a pedagogical tool to promote norms of cooperation in educational settings and as research instrument that significantly reduces costs and development time for researchers (e.g. economics, psychology, public policy) interested in social coordination problems.

Many real-world problems are essentially social coordination problems where collective outcomes depend on anonymous individual choices. Take global warming for example, costs of inaction or benefits of action will be shared by everyone but unless everyone agrees on what needs to be done, individuals feel their positive actions will be taken for granted by free-riders who despite doing nothing will enjoy the benefits. In such cases, free-riding becomes a norm and ultimately nothing will be done. Interaction models allow modelling these problems and examining how people make more or less cooperative decisions (e.g. Prisoner’s Dilemma or Public Goods game). CutTheCake specializes in developing interactive models useful for teaching and promoting norms of cooperation in schools, colleges, measuring cooperative norms in teams and organizations and investigating the factors that lead people to make cooperative choices. Key features of CutTheCake are its simple and intuitive interface and reduced costs and time.


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