2012 Projects
Displacement in Colombia
Maria Gonzalez and Carmen Torres

Forced displacement of native Colombians has been a recurrent phenomenon in the country due principally to the intensification of armed conflicts and the strengthening of paramilitary and guerrilla groups. This web documentary project is based on intimate interviews and seeks to show the life stories of a group of displaced people that have settled in the main cities that receive the majority of the displaced population. We will inquire how they remember their past, how they live today and how they envision their future.

  • Samuel Celis

    Congratulations for this project.  We can´t forget those colombians who live in missery because of this conflict.  I wish you every success   

  • Jimena Z.

    I love the idea of this project. We need to create memory in order to move forward as a society.

  • Hamelin36

    Felicitaciones desde Colombia
    Jose Manuel Caceres

  • Pilium

    Felicitaciones. Me parece un proyecto fenomenal y en sintonia con la necesidad de crear conciencia colectiva en nuestros indigenas, quienes han sido despojados hasta de su propia lengua y despojados a lo largo de los tiempos de todo aquello que es su identidad cultural. En buenahora!


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