2016 Projects
Rebecca Heidenberg
The New School for Social Research, Media Studies (MA)

Inspired by the filmmaking practice of Syrian film collective Abounaddara, DreamDocs is a participatory media project which partners New School Media Studies students with undocumented youth to produce short documentary films chronicling the quotidian lives of their communities to reframe immigration issues through humanizing stories.

DreamDocs seeks to partner with organizations such as NYSLC, a New York City based organization led by undocumented youth, to administer filmmaking workshops with The New School’s Media Studies and Doc Studies students. In a series of intensive sessions, undocumented youth will gain access to both technical and theoretical knowledge to produce engaging low-budget short films. Inspired by the work of the anonymous Syrian film collective Abounaddara, they will make films which serve to humanize the struggle of undocumented immigrants and amplify their voices. Workshops will encourage diverse representations of individual experiences with emphasis on observational films that examine daily life outside of the emergency crisis situations which dominate mainstream media. DreamDocs seeks to produce work that instead examines the social, cultural and economic conditions for undocumented immigrants in their daily lives. DreamDocs will distribute their films through social media platforms, film festivals and partnerships with immigrant advocacy organizations.


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