2016 Projects
Terricka Johnson & John Shackleford
Parsons School of Design, Design and Technology (MFA); Partner

I am exploring the use of recyclable materials to eliminate bicycle waste and create bikes using more sustainable materials through experimenting with compostable and algae-based plastics and 3D printing.

The overall project focus is to help alleviate bicycle waste while also normalizing the idea of sustainable/compostable materials through the applications of new technologies to popular, more customizable forms of transportation. As cycling has grown in popularity, so has the yearly amount of bike waste. In Great Britain alone, more than 1.2 million bikes are discarded yearly. Imagine this problem on a worldwide scale for a growing hobby. Although many towns or bike shops employ locally-based bicycling recycling programs, the efforts of small groups and individuals cannot compete with the market demand for new products, especially as newer bike technologies become available offer lights and faster riding and bike storage experiences. Through applying the rapid nature of 3D printing and use of compostable and algae-based plastics, not only do we shift the future of bicycle parts waste, but we also empower consumers with the ability to customize (through shape/color or for aesthetic, functional or safety purposes) their product while also being environmentally friendly.


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