2016 Projects
EQUALL / A Connective Experience
Eleni (Lena) Kouvela & Thanos Stathopoulos
Parsons School of Design, Interior Design (MFA); Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (MS)

Introducing a time-credit platform for information and knowledge exchange designed for students from students, in order to spread freely knowledge and skills.

Our project aims to foster the spread of knowledge. For achieving this, we choose to introduce an application, which becomes a platform where students have profiles and can either offer their time to share their skills and knowledge or ask for support from other students. Using hashtags users can inform everyone what are their strong points and by posting either a short video or a question they can request others support. A key factor is the point exchange system, which is related to the time that every user offers or asks for. The need of acquiring more points in order to offer them to other students adds a key of sustainability. It creates a loop that helps the whole system exist and expand.

  • Maria

    I think your idea guys is extremely interesting. As a postgrad student I have face many times the difficulty of non sharing information. I believe that our community definitely needs an active “connective experience”. Good luck


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