2016 Projects
Flip it Forward
Ricardo Gonçalves, Janson Cheng & Sonali Ojha
Parsons School of Design, Transdisciplinary Design (MFA); Parsons School of Design, Transdisciplinary Design (MFA); Partner

Our project addresses a curriculum gap in the teacher education in India and aim to provide tools for middle school teachers to instill approaches in the class that trigger student social agency and ability to engage in the world from new places of meaning.

In a context of accelerated social, economic and cultural change, to articulate new ideas is critical. For that it is fundamental teachers learn how to prepare students to engage with change and take relevant action. If that is to happen the teacher education itself needs to be re-framed. Our project seeks to address this curriculum gap in the teacher education system in India – particularly in the context of major cities (where 10 million people migrate to every year). Our initial prototypes are focused in Mumbai, working with middle school teachers. We have already established a partnership with R.N.Podar School, which is an Ashoka Change Maker K-12 school.

  • Avnita Bir

    Very happy to be partnering with the project on a very critical issue in our education system. Dealing with ambiguity in a fast changing world is a challenge for teachers and schools.

  • http://www.kayadownload.com Kaya Admin

    Nice information


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