2012 Projects
Food Ambassadors
Luke Keller and Alyssia Blenkin

Food Ambassadors is an educational initiative empowering children to make healthy food choices for their body and the planet. Based on rigorous social research, co-design exercises with children, and with the guidance of an expert in children’s education, Food Ambassadors seeks to help children understand the ramifications of their dietary choices by fostering a thorough understanding and compassion for the food they eat. These activities are designed to be a fun method for children to learn about the complexities of food while building a foundation for lasting healthy habits. More importantly, this program is designed to emphasize collaboration in and out of the classroom; poising children to be sustainable food’s most important ambassadors.

  • Darren Hart

    What a unique approach, love the illustration work…

    Darren Hart

    • http://www.luke-keller.com/ Luke Keller

      Thanks for the support Darren!

  • Lori_rn13

    Great concept.  Love it!  

    • http://www.luke-keller.com/ Luke Keller

      Thanks Lori!!

  • Blandhoke

    I always lamented the lack of food education while growing up in a rural area. It was not something I was inclined to figure out myself, and wonder how much of an impact an educational aspect may have. With this project, I am interested to know what the educational initiative entails; whether it is activities, classes, projects, or some other type of arrangement with a public school. Good job, make sure printed materials keep within the ethos of sustainability!

    • http://www.luke-keller.com/ Luke Keller

      Hey Bland,

      Thanks for the reply! We envision Food Ambassadors working in a “workshop” format followed up by a series of activities, both in and out of the classroom. We’re hoping to start small with a single school, evaluate the effectiveness of the program overall as well as each activity, and make the necessary adjustments to prepare it for expansion. The workshop begins with “A Food Story”, a storybook introducing children to such topics as pesticides, GMO’s, nutrition, and sustainability. Other activities include an organic identification activity, where children learn where they can find organic fruits and vegetables and how to identify them, cook a “planet and body” healthy meal (out of the classroom with their parent or guardian), as well as several others we have in the works. Through the New Challenge, we’re hoping to continue to develop this idea with parents, teachers, and leaders in food and sustainability education. From there we can partner up with a school and get this idea on the ground.

      Thanks for the comment! Feel free to ask more!

  • http://twitter.com/TheLittoPeanut Vanessa Arrojado

    Great idea! You have my support.

  • Travis_brown

    Love it. Great idea.

  • Steelmills

    There are a lot of children in India and China.  It is good you are thinking of this problem.


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