2016 Projects
Sharlette Kang
Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

The project will redefine entomophagy in a playful manner, in response to current and future costs of environmental degradation, and decline in biodiversity stemming from contemporary controversial food issues.

Fud-ture believes in the future of ENTOMOPHAGY as a smart answer to the existing demand for and shortage of high-protein foods on the planet. Edible insects are popular among many cultures around the world. For some it’s their main source of protein. While in other countries, it’s a snack favorite! Fud-ture envisions a wide American audience to support a healthier world by providing a sustainable, ecological and traceable food. Fud-ture aims to integrate existing cultural traditions as well as increasing the popularity of entomophagy while using of locally-sourced sustainably farmed ingredients. The power of abstraction is critical in the introduction of entomophagy to Western Culture. There can be negative perceptions around this “new” food culture. Therefore, instead of serving fried crickets on a plate taking its natural form and color, we will combine existing foods and “mash” it together for a “old and the new” eat-xperience. For instance, peanuts will become less prevalent with rise in climate change in the near future. Our future generations may not eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch anymore. What if cricket-jelly sandwiches were introduced? Crickets’ nutrition density value puts the peanuts to shame! Packed with protein, this could be the new “protein bar.”


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