2012 Projects
RE:SPACE – interactive public furniture
Yoav Menachem

My project comes to investigate and find the opportunities that exist in public spaces in order to  create interaction and conversation between complete strangers. Through finding the needs in such spaces, I am off to creating different “public episodes” through a system of modular and interactive furniture. The furniture will answer the needs for the specific location as well as a complimentary element to its environment- taking into consideration the materiality, form and function of the system. When all those elements come together and become an active and joyful experience to the users, the ultimate goal is achieved – The Common Good.

  • Arieh Sherris

    Ahalan Yoav, 
    I’m into swings for two or three to talk and move. Recent research on creativity indicates that open space and movement contribute to creative problem solving and unique conversational contributions between interlocutors. As you suggest, materials from the surrounding natural environment will contribute to contextualizing the public space furniture while the furniture re-envisions opportunities for authentic human interactions. Yallah…dude, start planning. Ari (Maayan’s dad)

  • Rotemmai

    Yoav, You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No. 1 for all times.

  • Judith

    this is a great project! I will love to see it develops to real public space furniture. keep on the good work!

  • Yoav

    Thanks for the great comments and support.
    Today was a great day of idea developments. Some cool forms and interactive ideas are being generated daily.
    I will try to post some of the ideas so you can see what I am up to and possibly leave your comments.



  • Bland Hoke

    It would be interesting to collaborate with an existing organization like Hester Street Collaborative to execute this project. They have some very interesting interactive street furniture on Allen Street? They may also know the logistics of fire codes, ADA req’s, liability insurance, and other considerations for public art projects, which this project seems to fit within.

  • Digrunz

    See my facebook comment – I love this design and idea behind it.  Reminds me of the mid-century furniture that offers clean, yet functional furniture.  Beautiful!

  • Mary Awosika

    Your furniture looks so modern and futuristic, yet still of this time and functional. Good luck! The park bench needs an update and then some :)

    • Yoav

      Thanks Mary,
      Images are just for illustrating one of the concept ideas.
      Nothing is really determined yet, as project is still at its early stages…
      I believe within two or three weeks I will have narrowed down the designs and work with a couple of them.
      The most important thing is that whatever the design will end up being, it will promote interaction and conversation between the users.
      Thanks for your support :-)

  • kineret

    good luck:) it looks great and very practical!!!

  • http://twitter.com/abahodang Abah Odang

    What a great idea! Furniture is an important part of the interior of the house. The selection of shapes, styles, colors and sizes, as well as the placement of the furniture in the room should match the interior design of the house.

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  • georgettahenslee

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