2012 Projects
Landless Workers Movement Documentary
Dori Cohen and Kelin Long-Gaye

We are two human rights activists and documentary film makers who plan on making a 20 minute character driven documentary with the Brazilian Landless Worker’s Movement (MST). MST is a social movement which promotes agrarian reform in Brazil serving to make land ownership a reality for poor people. The voices and ideas of the poor are often left out of national discussions and decisions on economic development. A film about the MST would provide practitioners, activists, and citizens a unique insight into an alternative community based development approach in which a group of rural poor people have organized themselves to address their own development needs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynn-Lucke-Simpson/100001032838752 Lynn Lucke-Simpson

    No one “owns” the earth. We are all care-takers,born to create something better and sustain the wealth the natural world provides. If might makes right the poor will always out-number the wealthy and the wealthy should remember this. Sustainable achievable living is a mandate for the world to provide all its’ people. Enough clean water,food to stay healthy,shelter and warmth to be happy are not too much to provide.Good luck with your film!


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