2016 Projects
Legends In Training Entrepreneurial Activism and Arts Collective
Naajia Hurd
Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

A NYC social entrepreneurship collective fusing activism and political art.

Legends In Training is a entrepreneurial art and activism collective for New York City college students. We are a peer/ student led collaborative group sharing our knowledge and resources for civic engagement. Legends are innovators constructing game changing businesses with social innovation, sustainability, imaginative excellence and positive reciprocity baked in to the business model. Not as an after-thought. Legends In Training is a safe space for marginalized groups ( LGBTQ+, People of color, Women of all races, folks with disabilities, expats, etc.) At the core of my contribution is holistic wellness, art, meaningful connection and social justice. I’m committed to social entrepreneurship. I’ve created a social entrepreneurship collective with the intention of nurturing the talented sector of my generation that are often unheard, marginalized and holistic success hungry.The impact of the collective is bigger than the culmination of a few hearts and minds. It is about a generation that has assessed the ails and beauty of the world that envelops them. Then decided to construct a new reality that better serves everyone.


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