2016 Projects
Mei Yi Huang
Mei Yi Huang
Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (MS)

Through this philanthropy fashion show, we will transform the current school culture from competitiveness and the self-centeredness to philanthropy and collaboration.

The collaboration among the students through this philanthropy project will transform the culture of The New School by integrating all the available talents to create a greater value to the community. This project will be started as an on-campus clothing drive, which would encourage all the students and faculty to participate. Fashion design students would be recruited to alter the donated clothes into a new and exciting way. A large number of students in all majors would be involved to work together to build a charity fashion show to showcase and auction out the alternated clothes. The money raised at the fashion show along with the rest of clothing drive clothes would be donated to a local orphanage or homeless shelter. Through the process of preparing for the fashion show, students will become better team players through collaboration and build a happier life during the school year and greater networking in the future.



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