2012 Projects
Morin GO!
Ali Chandler and Rashid Owoyele

MorinGO! values food as a means of connecting communities through production, consumption and as a means of livelihood. We seek to collaborate with communities in African countries of high nut production to address malnutrition. An incredible, vitamin rich tree native to African soils called the moringa, MorinGO! plans to connect farmers that do not meet the quotas for international export, to use this tree coupled with regional surplus of nuts to make community based Ready-To-Use-Foods (RTUFs). To connect farmers resources together and create community collaboration, MorinGO! will create a text based networking platform for farmers in these communities.

  • Blandhoke

    Fascinating. The challenges of engagement in this project are what concerns me most given TNS location in New York. Given that, the positioning of the project in relation to texting platforms is a great strategy.

    • Rashid Owoyele

      I share in your concern, Bland.  Our intention is to visit several places in Africa in order to meet farmers and communities and assess access barriers to technology and infrastructure.  Our goal is to take advantage of existing sources in order to make this project independently sustainable.  The beautiful part of our project is that it won’t be ours once it goes live — the project will belong to the people.  Thanks for your support!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ali-Chandler/1832118537 Ali Chandler

      This is a challenge, and the reason we wanted to take this project on. Our focus is to ensure that we have strong partners in our African communities for each process of the project, so that when Rashid and I are in America we know that the community will be taken care of, supported, and connected with us as well. Thanks so much for your support, Bland!

  • Minka

    I am soooo proud of you Ali! And Rashid. I just know that with you behind it, it will be a great success.!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ali-Chandler/1832118537 Ali Chandler

      Thank you for your support, Mary!

  • MermaidD

    How come there is not a button to vote on this project?


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