2016 Projects
New Music Media
Matthew Stewart, Qinzi Tan & Diana Salcedo
College of Performing Arts, Classical Music (Graduate Certificate); Parsons School of Design, Design and Technology (MFA); Parsons School of Design, Design and Technology (MFA)

New Music Media presents classical music through a cross-disciplinary lens, combining visual art and design perspectives to infuse interactive technology with live performing arts.

New Music Media is an incubator for the production and presentation of live music performance that invites visual artists and technology designers to create new modes of multimedia performance. As a collaborative ensemble, we seek to innovate in the field of classical music while preserving a rich tradition and engaging new audiences. Our mission is to impact both artists and audiences through a series of concerts and interactive workshops. This method of producing multimedia is scalable and meant to fit within the constraints faced by emerging entrepreneurs in the arts. The work produced from our collaboration will be documented and used as a resource to inspire and enable a new generation of musicians and designers. Results from this project will be a portfolio documenting our approach to the artistic and technical aspects of the performances we present, as well as the availability of new open-source code.


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