2016 Projects
Our Turn
Melissa De La Cruz, Bianca Rogers & Corinne Werder
The New School for Public Engagement, International Affairs (MA); Student; Partner

Global conflict today at the international level as well as the grassroots level are a result of misunderstanding and the lack of opportunities to come together. To counteract this, we are creating a platform for cross-cultural and global discussions via a web series while building a social activism tool kit for young people that provide resources on how to become more civically engaged.

The project is a combination of a web series and social activism tool kit. It is multimedia project and in order to complete including equipment (i.e.cameras and software programs), a website, and the publication of the tool kit. As of this writing, we have a team of three based in New York City, in addition to several other teams members located around the world working on research, film production and the production of the tool kit. The aim of the project is to generate a global audience but more importantly inspire the youth to effectively engage through the tool kit and our other media platforms. More concretely, our goal is to provide this tool kit and the web series to after school programs in New York City. Looking forward, we hope to be able to expand the after school programs to other parts of the world. Additionally, we hope to develop an app based from the web series which aims to connect interested users to social movements in their cities or countries.


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