2016 Projects
Peace Begins With Me – A Space for Meditation at The New School
Diane Hwang
Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design (AAS)

The goal of this project is to help people live more fulfilling lives by providing a quiet, peaceful, creative, beautiful and accessible space for mediation within public schools, libraries, hospitals, and work environments.

I believe that meditation brings us closer to an inner peace that allows us to be better people to ourselves and to others. However, meditation is often stigmatized as a practice reserved for the privileged or the indian. Additionally, the peaceful and quiet space necessary for meditation within the noise, pollution, media, and news in the modern city environment is often out of reach for most. I want to break through the barriers to meditation by creating soundproof spaces that are also accessible and beautiful. Through interior design, a robust marketing campaign, and an educational, introductory video, I would like to create a space and visual identify of meditation at the New School that is so beautiful and enticing that people won’t help but want to check it out just one time. The goal is to try pilot programs in hospitals, schools, and work environments.


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