2016 Projects
Pill Pal
Spencer Lin
Parsons School of Design, Product Design (BFA)

By creating a wearable pill container that reminds the wearer to take his/her medications, I will be addressing the persisting problem of medication noncompliance.

Despite the advances in medicine, medication noncompliance continues to plague the modern world. Research from the World Health Organization and the Mayo Clinic have shown that up to 78% of people do not take their medications as they should or simply forget. The consequences of such behavior are apparent: poorly controlled diseases and disorders, increased usage of an already burdened health care system, loss of productivity, and even the recent rise of multi-drug resistant organisms. The WHO even stated that “solving the problem of medication non-adherence would be more effective than achieving any other medical progress.” Pill Pal is a project that addresses this problem by creating a wearable pill container that reminds/alerts the wearer to take his/her medications. It is a product that empowers the user to take control of his/her health.


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