2012 Projects
Project: build
David Simons

Project: build is a system that registers brain activity and helps train people how to harness their minds. The brain produces minute, measurable variations in voltage, from thoughts and emotional responses. Using EEG brain sensors, these amplified signals are sent to an interactive software program called MAX. With MAX I can use the Theremin as velocity (volume) trigger to activate sound files. Video and other media can also be triggered this way. If a non-touch instrument can make music by proximity, then the mind can move an object in space: merely exchange one voltage controller with another. Implementations for therapy, communication, extensions for the physically handicapped, and artistic performance.

  • mikematthewsart

    Wow Amazing!! Imagine the future of creating music!

  • http://www.facebook.com/maxim.safioulline Maxim Safioulline

    Soooo…. How is it better or different from Emotiv EPOC, NeuroSky MindSet or many other available EEG-based brain-computer interfaces? Is it somehow connected to the OpenEEG project?


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