2016 Projects
Alex Shi, Jacqueline Heltz & , Zachary Starkey
The New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (MA); Student; Partner

projectVEND provides basic necessities like food, water, and toiletries directly to the homeless population of New York City through a system of vending machines that accept credit-loaded vouchers donated by altruistic citizens in an effort to take steps towards enabling empowerment and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

projectVEND allows humanitarians across NYC to make direct, non-cash donations to the homeless and underprivileged community. Vouchers (each redeemable for a single item) are printed on biodegradable seed paper and ‘sold’ on our web site or at the register of retail stores across the city. Vouchers can be distributed to those in need in lieu of a cash offering. The recipient visits a projectVEND solar-powered vending machine located outside of high traffic subway stations to deposit the vouchers for basic goods of their own choosing at a time and location of their convenience. Volunteers restock items and collect vouchers at machine sites to be resold and redistributed.


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