2016 Projects
Diana Alsip, Daniel Herrera & Anna Marandi
The New School for Public Engagement, International Affairs (MA); The New School for Public Engagement, Urban Policy Analysis and Management (MS); The New School for Public Engagement, Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management (MS);

Our aim is to help fragmented and unsettled communities in post-conflict Colombia rebuild their networks by fostering leadership and supporting participatory ways to develop and implement community-led projects through: 1) tailoring toolkits for community leaders to use, and 2) capitalizing on the growing use of social media to form online networks of regional leaders.

Our project seeks to foster community development competencies and capacity within rural communities in and around Pácora, Colombia. We will train community leaders to create action plans and timelines, keep transparent budgets, and determine the best means of securing resources for their projects. Due to the mountainous terrain, it is often difficult for leaders in nearby communities to interact in an efficient and meaningful way. Through the use of tablets, we hope to present community leaders with new ideas on how online platforms can help them connect and share information with other local leaders. Ultimately our aim is to create a model for leadership training workshops that can be replicated in other towns across Colombia, particularly where new government-sponsored housing complexes are being built. Over the course of the next year we will continue to provide workshop materials and consultancy services to the residents, from New York.


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