2016 Projects
Sonido del Movimiento
Christina Smith
The New School for Public Engagement, International Affairs (MA)

Sonido del Movimiento is seeking to address the effects of poverty and crime on the children within The Northern Triangle using music and dance.

The mission of this project is to use music and dance as a tool with children in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to build resiliency, engage with emotions, and promote empowerment. Although this project utilizes psychological concepts, this is not music nor dance therapy program. Its main purpose is to use music and dance to foster characteristics that are already present within the children in an enjoyable and character building way.

  • Generalbearskin

    What a creative and non-threatening approach to assisting these kid who are truly impoverished and in much need of some artistic outlets for their bodies, minds and spirits. A worthwhile endeavor, in my opinion!


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