2012 Projects
The Liberian Prison Project
Nora Rahimian
Milano, GPIA, NSPE

Working in partnership with local community-based organizations, the Liberian Prison Project will provide psychosocial and skills-based services to incarcerated juveniles in Monrovia Central Prison.  Trained community members will conduct regular workshops and build supportive relationships with youth.  Upon release, youth will be teamed up with an adult mentor who will provide an apprenticeship or other form of community engagement opportunity.  The program aims to positively engage youth in their communities while reducing crime and recidivism.

  • Innocent Obi Jr.

    This is real interesting, sometimes i forget how disconnected i am from my home continent! keep Liberia strong and moving. This is the first step to fixing a big problem. #goodcause

  • Abu B.Kiawu

    thanks, to who so ever supporting this project.hope young LIBERIAN will gain some level of understanding in making corrective decision in their communities.young LIBERIAN need support not criticism.LIBERIA when through war  for years and  young children were used as soldier on front line so their’s need of create avenue for youth.no time for criticism in our society we want encouragement  then critics Abu B.Kiawu

  • E. Almirol

    Your courage to work, to be a force against and with this is amazing. Your ability to develop and care for the minds of the youth is aspiring. This project is phenomenal, showcasing your amazing capabilities. I hope that you are bless with the support to do this! Good luck!

  • James Sumo

    The development of a country is also incumbent upon the survival of its offsprings.  The survival process requires a lot – giving them the kind of skills and mentorship required to be productive citizens and not see them as problems too difficult to handle.  This proposed intervention is a great one that needs support.  All the best

  • Ayanna Heaven

    this is so awesome!!! so simple and important. totally has my support.

  • Deboraavari

    What a well thought project!  These children need all the support they can get. I am very happy that the project provides skill-based services.  Learning new skills will help them have something to lean on.  Great job!

  • Victoria

    A great example of smart, strategic planning. In countries like Liberia, so much emphasis is placed on building up the Security Sector in order to stop crime. Sadly little time seems to be spent thinking holistically about why crime happens, and what happens to people (especially the youth) who end up in the system. So exciting to see a project that engages this problem, and links it to a community-based solution–promoting safety and security by supporting some of the most vulnerable.

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  • Carol R. Anderson

    Anything Nora touches, I know will be accomplished. She is laser focused, compassionate, collaborative, inspirational, highly principled, stands up for what she believes in, and never gives up. I am thrilled to see this project selected as a finalist: great cause, community-based solution, right leader.

  • Cheri Stine

    Nora’s passion to help others will make a difference. If these young people can be helped, then their communities and country will be helped. It will be a domino effect and slow or stop the negative cycle. Her passion for this work is incredible. I hope she gets the grant/funding so that she can change the world for the better!

  • Chelsea

    It’s a mature, well though out and sustainable way to help these people and to change things for the better. Good luck Nora!

  • kenneth

    A very interesting project.  I wish you the best  in the final presentation. I was part of the TIMBUKTU Ancient Manuscripts team and we always thought you had a very difficult but yet important task.  I have had conversations with a lot of Liberian refugees during their stay in Ghana.  And they deserve all the help including a hand from a community-based organization like yours.

    You have my vote. ( Great work)

  • Tjlib2010@yahoo.com

    Good job n let’s nt forget how the peoples in that part need help n the gov . Need to put money in any stuffs that will help the youths.

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  • Donna

    Hearing about a project that is action based and also human based is very inspiring. Ms. Rahimian’s program is changing the world by changing the options people have in their life. Amazing.


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