2016 Projects
The Minkah Knitting Project
Gabriella Steele & Matthew Sitzer
Parsons School of Design, Data Visualization (MA); Partner

Our project works to remedy the cyclical poverty existent in Cochabamba, Bolivia by empowering female members of the community to safely earn a living through selling hand knitted goods to Western buyers.

Members of the Minkha knitting cooperative in Cochabamba hand knit sweaters and garments ranging from children’s clothing, to adult styles and accessories that are sold and distributed to Western buyers via trade shows and online. Currently all proceeds are then sent back to the Minkha women and have so far been able to significantly improve their economic standing and the lifestyles of their entire families and community. Our team is responsible for providing all garment designs, sizing information, fiber orders (currently knitting with alpaca and prima cotton materials) and managing the quantities of goods being produced. We also deal with all forms of distribution, sales, website management, communication and marketing.


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