2016 Projects
The Worm Garden
Sofia Flamouropoulos, Dimitri Flamouropoulos & Theodore Flamouropoulos
The New School for Public Engagement, Food Studies (BS); Student; Student

The Worm Garden’s goal is to reduce landfill waste by using worms to compost and recycle organic waste into nutrient-dense fertilizer.

The Worm Garden uses worms to recycle organic waste into a compost material called “worm castings”. The products that will be sold are the worm castings and compost tea as fertilizers, and the worms and eggs to be transplanted into gardens and other vermi-composting projects. A free worm bin, called the WiggleWam Worm House, will be distributed to interested schools to engage students, faculty and parents and promote the implementation of a cafeteria organic waste collection program. I plan to work with Sustainable Jersey to implement on-site vermi-composting programs at schools in New Jersey. Sustainable Jersey is a program that helps fund school initiatives for waste reduction. I will perform organic waste audits at schools that agree to participate to determine the scale of the project. I will work directly with students, faculty and parents to manage the collection, composting, and sale of the products.


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