2016 Projects
Angela Bronza, Chloe Guss & Christopher Balfe
Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (MS); Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (MS); Partner

Threadcycle facilitates collection to recycle textile waste from garment manufacturers to reduce New York City’s landfill use, energy waste, and preserve valuable raw materials for reuse.

The apparel industry is an extremely wasteful one. Natural resources such as water, cotton, silk, petrol, and energy are used at alarming and unsustainable rates. We need to reduce and repurpose our textile waste so that we stop throwing a valuable natural resource away. This challenge and opportunity is what Threadcycle will build its business upon. Textile collection in high-producing areas will save energy and landfill space while making new raw materials for future use. Targeting these locations will also help to make the biggest impact while most efficiently using energy and resources. This waste will be collected and sold to biofuel producers, textile recyclers, and product designers based on the highest energy savings and profit. Through this revenue we can be responsible to our environment and build a self-supporting business.


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